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How divine it is to climb a mountain.

I am definitely the worse person to talk about enjoying sports.

Peak of Pacaya

Climb a mountain, did it already, I climbed Pacaya volcano (and that fucker is tall and hot), hated it at the end but it's done.

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How I'm Liking 2011 So Far

Welcome 2011! - Copacabana

Well, I DID get my driver's license; organization and dedication at my university... getting there. Losing weight... er... no.

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Goals as Recipes

Rose Macarons w/ Rose Scented Buttercream

Well, alfajores were pretty tricky, but fin to make with my girlfriend teaching me and .... I'm dying to make macaroons.

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Why can't we do it?

Gay marriage protester outside the Minnesota Senate chamber

For me to marry my girlfriend (not to throw any hints o anything). It would certainly make a lot of couples happy, will break a barrier of hate and make bridges of love.

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Stuff I Just Can't Throw Away

I have a burning hot love letter 4 U :)

Old journals. I love to re-read them and remember all the things I used to do back then. Or now, I see how I met my girlfriend and the tiny notes I wrote when I was falling head over heels for her. Within those lines, love letters, dissected roses she gave me, movie tickets, things of that kind.

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Three plain meals forever... really?

breakfast of champions

Breakfast: the slammer breakfast, pancakes, bacon, 2 eggs and a shitload of fruit.

Lunch: chicken, rice, salad. their ways of making are endless.

Dinner: fried beans, fried plantains, heavy cream, bread.

MIx and match them, they're interchangeable xD

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The head bitch in charge

Lisbeth Salander, she's fucking awesome.

She can fight, she's a hacker, she has this dark and interesting story...

And she's gay... so... bonus ;)

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Young in the stage

Yup, when I was younger (waaaaay younger) I used to be in every single school play possible. I loved it. One of my favorites was being the muse of music in hercules.

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When has it really counted?

Wedding Couple

I wish I could say that it has been an X amount of times, but I truly feel love for my girlfriend, it is completely different from the other times I've thought I was loving someone. Is this stability, comfort, safety and caring that we have for each other, that sometimes I feel I can feel whatever she feels at a given moment.

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